Conveying engineering

Roll conveyors for container transporting


The water running in the dam is cleaned off phosphate in a phosphate elimination line. The sludge, being separated from water in the last cleaning stage by two centrifuges, is transported off in containers. The whole equipment is installed in a concrete-tub and according to instructions and planned for operation in the water protection area I.

The containers are put on at the beginning of one of both roll-conveyor-routes and go complete go fully automatic on a buffer route to the filling position.

The charging roll conveyor is installed on rails to enable a cross transfer. By a special cycle of charging, in which the container goes longitudinally and crosswise an optimal charging is realised. The angle of repose is checked by an ultrasonic sensor.

The filled container goes to the end of the roll conveyor. Here it is taken off by a container truck. Besides the roll conveyors the safety concept for running the line was co-developed and put info effect too.